This Course consolidates all the tutorials, masterclasses and support videos created for PT Distinction all in one place.

Should you ever want to know how to do anything in PTD and maximise the potential of the worlds most powerful online personal training software then this is the place to start.

Course Curriculum

  • 1

    Masterclass Recordings

    • Module 1 - Getting Started

    • Module 2 - Templates and Groups

    • Module 3 - Automation

  • 2

    Getting Started in PT Distinction

    • Adding in a client to PT Distinction

    • Adding in forms and questionnaires to PT Distinction

    • Adding nutrition and lifestyle coaching for your client

    • Tracking your clients food in PT Distinction

    • Checking your clients habit adherence in PT Distinction

    • Using the Program Builder in PT Distinction

  • 3

    Using Groups in PT Distinction

    • Brief Introduction to Groups in PT Distinction

    • Using chats with clients and groups

    • Saving time using groups with your habit and nutrition coaching.

  • 4

    Automation and time saving features

    • Time savers using the program builder

    • Making the most of templates

    • Using Pre-Made Packages to automate everything in PT Distinction

  • 5

    Join A LIve Masterclass

    • Register For The Live Masterclasses

  • 6

    Need Some Help?

    • Done For You Package Options

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