The single most important question that should always be on the mind of new online personal trainers, is what is the best practice to getting a new lead and selling your services online.

After all, if nobody actually buys our online products or services, what's the point? 

In this course, we will take you through the most effective strategies for marketing and selling your services online.

Course Curriculum

  • 1

    The Online Trainer Success Map

    • Simple Facebook Method to Get Your First 5 - 15 Online Clients

    • Getting Potential Clients On to The Phone For a Consultation

    • How to create a Welcome Pack

    • Swipe Files For Your Welcome Pack

    • Taking Payments On The Phone and Sending Your Welcome Pack

    • Facebook Messenger Swipe File

    • Signing Up Former Clients And Getting Referrals From Current Clients

    • Habits to Create a Great Online Training Business

    • The Simple Method for Writing A Really Effective Sales Page

  • 2

    Attracting Your Ideal Client

    • Deciding On Your Ideal Client

    • Download Your Presentation

    • Competing your Avatar Forms

    • Ideal Client Avatar Forms

  • 3

    Easy Lead Magnets For Online Trainers

    • Lead magnets for online personal trainers

    • Easy Lead Magnets Download

    • Pop Quiz

  • 4

    Creating A Free Trail

    • Free Trials That Convert Clients

    • Creating a Free Trail in PT Distinction

    • Swipe Emails / Messages for your Free Trail

    • Download Your Presentation

    • Pop Quiz

  • 5

    Creating A Challenge

    • Challenge That Convert

    • Creating a Challenge In PT Distinction

    • A list of Positive Quotes

    • Swipe Emails / Messages for your Challenge

    • Download Your Presentation

    • Pop Quiz

  • 6

    Mastering the World Of Facebook

    • Facebook Adverts Stage One

    • Creating a Stage One Facebook Advert

    • Facebook Adverts Stage Two

    • Creating Your Video Viewers Audience for Stage 2 Facebook Adverts

    • Creating Conversion Facebook Advert for Stage 2 and 3 Facebook Ads

    • Creating Facebook Messenger Advert for Stage 2 or 3 Adverts

    • Creating Your Website re-targeting audience For Facebook Ads (Stage 3)

  • 7

    Mastering YouTube

    • What To Do Before Creating YouTube Videos

    • Ranking High On YouTube

    • Uploading Videos to YouTube for Top Rankings.

  • 8

    Writing Copy like Joey Percia

    • How to Write Great Copy

    • Download Your Presentation

  • 9

    Need Some Help?

    • Need some help?

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