Getting Started As An Online Personal Trainer.

Understanding Your Goals, Ambitions and Inspiration for Success. Discovering Who Your Perfect Client Is. Finding The Right Type of Online Training For You, Your Clients and Your Business. Creating Packages and Setting Prices.

As trainers and coaches we understand the wants and needs of our clients, the why behind their goals, the inspiration for working with you. It's this understanding that drives them to succeed in your programs.

Interestingly, as trainers and coaches, we very rarely take the same approach in our business. When was the last time you sat down and thought about your goals in the same way you do with your clients?  

Over this course, you will discover what drives you to succeed, who your ideal client, how much you want to be charging and know what type of online training is suited to you, your client and your business. 

What's included?

11 Videos
3 Quizzes
3 Surveys
1 Multimedia
1 Text
2 PDFs
1 Download

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